Lonely High Court Judges

October 7, 2012 in News

Here is a list of the judges that ruled against the badgers.

We won’t forget them.

They didn’t spend even one day considering their decision, perhaps you should give them the same consideration…

Hon Mr Justice Ouseley 
(Hon Sir Duncan Brian Walter Ouseley)
1 Blenheim Road, Chiswick, London. 
W4 1UB

Rt Hon Lord Justice Laws 
(Rt Hon Sir John Grant McKenzie Laws)
19 Longmoore Street, Pimlico, London. 

Rt Hon Lord Justice Rimer 
(Rt Hon Sir Colin Percy Farquharson Rimer) 
17 Manor Way, Beckenham, Kent. 
Telephone 020 8650 2973

Rt Hon Lord Justice Sullivan 
(Rt Hon Sir Jeremy Mirth Sullivan)
53 Highgate West Hill, Highgate, London. 
N6 6DA

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