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Stop the Cull!


After the epic failure of the 2013 culls which were rightly seen as inhumane and ineffective (and by many as unsafe) it surprises many people that the cull is going to continue into 2014.

In 2012 we were told that the cull would go ahead that year and it would roll out to a further 10 zones the following year and another ten the year after. That means there should now be 22 zones being culled in this year. There is only 2.

THAT IS BECAUSE OF DIRECT ACTION, activists were out in numbers every night, going face to face with shooters and stopping them from killing. Many hundreds of traps were put down as the method of free-shooting was seen to fail. Those traps were promptly found and chopped up. To find out more on whats going on make sure you go to www.badger-killers.co.uk

This site is a place where you can find the contact details of the people involved in the culls, a site the british government has fought hard to shut down, but failed. When you use social media, wether its facebook or twitter and want to put up info bear in mind that they don’t like hosting images but have no problems linking to other pages. A simple get around is to set up a twitter account and post any pictures you want to get out on that and then share the link on other social media sites.

We will make attempts to keep this site frequently updated this year with all the latest unedited gossip and pictures they didn’t want you to hear or see.


The British Government attacked the site badger-killers.co.uk, this site is a mirror of that site and is not run by anyone in the uk. The email address of the uk campaign is still stopthebadgercull@gmail.com but they are unable to change anything on this site.

the problem the government had is with the contact information of the people responsible for the cull, that is all on the “who” page.

if you are genuine about trying to stop the cull, then contact all of the people involved as frequently as you can.

Play the “badger badger” song to them on the phone we CAN beat them with a sense of humor.


Please help us to stop this cull from becoming a national wildlife disaster.
Badger picture

This autumn the government plan to cull badgers in two pilot areas, one in Somerset and one in Gloucestershire. The results from these pilots will determine whether or not the cull is rolled out to bTB hotspots nationwide in future years. Defra is prepared to kill at least 70% of our badgers within cull areas; this may effectively kill all the badgers in those areas.

As well as campaigning against the cull and raising awareness of it, we also aim to stop the culls using DIRECT ACTION. We will be out in the fields before and during the cull, stopping  shooters when we can, filming, rescuing injured badgers and neutralizing bait points & cage traps when we find them.


“Badger culling can make no meaningful contribution to cattle TB control”

from Independent Scientific Group final report on cattle TB


Defra are the government body who are ultimately responsible for the cull.

This is from their website

“As a first step, there will be a pilot of the policy in two areas in 2012 to confirm our assumptions about the effectiveness (in terms of badger removal), humaneness and safety of controlled shooting. Subject to Natural England’s decisions on license applications, the two areas will be West Gloucestershire and West Somerset.”

Effectiveness, Humaneness and Safety are what this pilot cull are about, but we will show it is:

INEFFECTIVE- previous cull results show that culling is ineffective and, at worst, counterproductive. Direct Action will also make this cull INEFFECTIVE.

By rescuing badgers with gunshot wounds, taking them to vets for treatment and filming this process, we will show the world, via YouTube, this coalition government’s INHUMANITY.

How the killing of tens of thousands of moving targets with rifles and shotguns at night, up and down the country could ever be seen as SAFE is anyone’s guess.

If you would like to help us stop the cull please go to our action page.



The cull is

Unlawful: the Bern convention clearly states that the killing of badgers is illegal; it is permissable to kill badgers to eradicate a disease, but this cull has only claimed to have a maximum effect of reducing bTB in cattle by 15%. Under the Bern convention it is illegal to kill all badgers in one area; Defra aim to kill at LEAST 70% of badgers in any cull area. As badger populations cannot be accurately counted, it would be very easy to wipe out an entire population and that would be illegal. This is reflected in the license rules.  Defra’s own biased report shows that badger density is not linked to transmission to cattle rates, so how can killing badgers be legal?

Immoral: killing our wildlife to protect the vested interests of farmers can never be “right”.

Counterproductive: previous culls have actually INCREASED the incidence of bTB. Following the slaughter of their extended family, badgers leave their sett and move on. So, if badgers were ever responsible for spreading bTB, making them more mobile would not be in the farmers’ interests